DIMER S.A was founded on 1986, and was one of the first to be registered as a company certified for public projects. Since it’s foundation, DIMER has been part of the very few Greek construction companies suited for projects of any size, and it has maintained that status until the strategic downsizing of July 1997. Today DIMER is an autonomous company, with experience in projects on fields such as high quality office buildings, highway networks, ports, hospitals, museums, plumbing networks, energy/industrial facilities etc.
The company has constructed many significant public projects, some of which are:
•  Expansion of Argos General Hospital at Peloponnesus
•  Reformation of medium voltage network and installation of other electromechanical equipment at Attiki & Kato Patisia stations of ISAP S.A.
•  Restoration of accessibility on the roads and pavements in the 7th Municipal District of Athens
•  Infrastructure and road networks of the PIKPA – Agia Sofia, Corporation of Construction Workers, at the village of Aetos at Karistia, Evia county
The companies’ highly organized structure and experienced staff, has led to economic prosperity, giving it the full capability of constructing almost any type of public or private project.